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Independent Vets of Australia


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The Independent Vets of Australia annual conference brings together international speakers and selected local experts. Over 3 days, a range of experts share the strategies behind their success and concepts to create growth and strong leadership. Practice owners, associates and managers will accelerate practice success by collaborating with our speakers, fellow owners and managers. 


As a cooperative for independent veterinary practices, IVA aims to create an environment where success is inevitable and your practice becomes not only more profitable, but easier and more satisfying to own. 

Whether you are a veterinarian or manager, from a small or large clinic, or an IVA practice or not, secure your seat at our 2020 event.


In a fast-paced environment where team members are being challenged with multiple priorities, you have the opportunity to create SYNERGY. It is the cooperation of your team members, the interaction of your policies and business relationshipsand strategies or between your staff and clients, whereby the combined effect produced is greater than the sum of their separate effects.  

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The 2019 IVA Synergy Conference brought together practice owners, associates, practice managers and nurses from QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS and SA. Our attendees came to prioritize some time to work on (rather than in) their practice, challenge their beliefs about management and business and define key strategies to implement into practice that will work synergistically towards a common goal.


The keynote speakers, experts, interactive sessions and workshops allowed attendees to unpack the many methods, resources and tools available to veterinary practices to facilitate practice success into 2020. 

Dr Peter Weinstein

Author, Speaker & Veterinarian


Dr Peter Weinstein has spoken and written extensively on practice management, team building, leadership, collegiality, marketing, and other topics focused on making the veterinary profession better for all those affiliated with it. 



Building an Education Marketing System

For years, marketing was about interruption and repetition and hope for action.  Today, while using all the new resources, social media, websites, etc., you must educate your clients about their pet’s needed care and how you can exceed that need.  Create a system to reach you to your clients on a regular basis via educational marketing that will retain them; have them coming in more often; and, prepared to provide the best care


Patient Lifetime Value

When it comes to Key Indicators, most veterinarians compare their average transaction.  However, this is really a measure of short term success.  The real measure of your practices long term success is Patient or Client Lifetime Value.  How much does each patient and/or client contribute to the practice over their lifetime.  Not only does this take into account the ACT but also a practice’s ability to retain clients/patients.  Start using PLV as your measure of long term practice success


The On Time Every Time Appointment

The appointment drives your day and your life.  Whether you have ten minute appointments or thirty minute appointments, do you have a control of the client experience? Create a beautifully choreographed client experience featuring your entire team that you can then market with the guarantee that you will be on time every time appointment. 



Rather than looking at the corporate consolidators as a threat, what we can learn from them to help practices be 'business like' while maintaining the 'family' and relationship-based feel. The consolidators leverage areas like marketing, human resources, and accounting, for their individual practices. What they are doing for those practice can be done in independent practices with strong leadership, quality and qualified managers, and a vision. By regularly marketing, motivating your team to have a career not just a job, and monitoring the appropriate numbers, your practice can run with the 'big boys' while not losing the 'small' feel that you want.


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Brad Seymour

Innovator, entrepreneur and driver of growth


Brad Seymour's 25 years of experience as a Senior Executive, Company Director and Entrepreneurial Proprietor in Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and India has forged his ‘back to basics’ management principles and helped define his rules for business success. 

With over twenty years of retail, brand and management experience, Brad Seymour shares insights into great leaders - their values and how these leaders can define a company and its culture. This session is all about dealing with change and opportunity through great leadership and team focus. Through the central theme of change - specifically the role of leadership through periods of change - Brad uses key examples to show the importance of leadership vision in the face of competitive and market changes. Addressing the role of the team and the role of the leader - Brad draws on his experiences to illustrate the focus and structures required. The principles of leadership and the role of the mentor is revealed in the Wizard Home Loans and Yellow Brick Road success stories.

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Hugh McPherson

Director, Employee Relations Consultant & Trainer

Hugh has expertise in Employee Relations, Training, Change Management, HR policies and procedures, System design and implementation. 

Managing People in a #metoo World

With technology creating a smaller world and increasing expectations on employers to make their staff members’ welfare a major priority, Australian employers are under pressure to ensure that they create and maintain workplaces that are free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. 


Relying on best practice and experience within a Veterinary environment this session will provide attendees with an overview of how to lead their businesses in a developing legal and ethical landscape and create cultures that prevent negative behaviours between employees.


Dr David Foote

Veterinarian, Counsellor and Educator


Dr David Foote's first-hand experience in veterinary stressors is uniquely complemented with his clinical experience as a counsellor. 


Thriving in Practice - Building Resilience

Working as a veterinarian, in whatever capacity, offers up both rich rewards and significant challenges. Learning how to build resilience in the face of this allows you to weather the negatives with more ease and be more inspired and nourished by the positives. In this session, we will look at some simple, effective, evidence-based tools which will help you achieve this, including two critical aspects of self-care, mindfulness and some principles of positive psychology. 


Jane Bindloss

Ex Practice Owner, Speaker & Advisor


Jane has long been committed to the vision of "outstanding veterinary business success'. Her background in Veterinary Practice ownership and Nursing gives Jane a unique perspective when it comes to veterinary practice management concerns. 



How Vet Nurses Can Resolve the Vet Drought

Where have all the Vets gone?  Lots of theories are being muted to answer this, but in the meantime we have to run our practices, deliver our services and maintain our profit.  Effectively utilising your existing trained vet nurse team can help resolve a veterinarian shortage in your practice. If you are lucky enough to have a good quota of vets, we’ll show you how to pump growth and increase profit by making sure your support team become income generators.

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Al Ramos

Business Advisor & Coach

Al Ramos is a business advisor with over 30 years’ of local, national and international experience as a business advisor & coach. Al specializes in assisting private business owners & their teams to develop AND implement strategic moves to successfully grow & extract significant value from their business. 

Planning Your Successful 2020

Whether you are looking to grow profitably, grow the value of your business and/or extract the value you have built up in it, this session run by IVA Board member & business coach supporting the IVA Hub – Al Ramos – will guide you through a process to developing a suitable plan of attack & show you the supporting resources IVA provides to help you execute it successfully.​​

Program subject to change



Thank you so much for an incredible conference. Throughout the conference, I was inspired by the speakers, intrigued by the business and blown away by the compassion everyone showed towards each other.


A belated thank you for a fabulous conference last week. We really enjoyed it and have already implemented some changes to our routines this week!

The speakers were great and it was a really collegiate group of vets too which made it even better.


The IVA Conference was amongst the best I have ever attended in 25 years - specifically with regard to management advice and ideas for the future growth of my Hospital.

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