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Annual Conference

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Our ELEVATE '23 Highlights

What did our Delegates say about our 2023 Conference?


Met some lovely people and learnt a lot! Overall I thought it was an excellent conference with good speakers and topics and I took something away from every session. Also the best food!

Meeting new IVA members, catching up with familiar BDM's and the important aspect is feeling like family. This security allows to talk openly about many issues facing the vet industry and having robust discussions often resulting in positive solutions and reassurance that you are making positive steps forward within your business.

The conference was great - The applications/potential of AI are amazing - I'd heard of this but never had a play with it before the conference. So many opportunities to free up valuable vet time & improve work life balance.

More about our 2023 Conference

Three Days of Powerful Talks
5 October 2023
08:00 am

Elevate 2023 brought together a wealth of knowledge to aid the success of independent veterinary practices Australia wide during October 5th-7th in Adelaide.

Striving for, and enjoying the rewards of a successful veterinary practice is a challenging journey. As you pursue practice growth, efficiency, profitability, staff and client satisfaction, there are often numerous other priorities to balance. Elevate 2023 was been curated to help independent practices ELEVATE their practice and its outcomes with current strategies and processes that will contribute to their success.

We were joined in Adelaide with over 80 delegates, for our annual three-day event! Our sessions were and are always designed with Independent Practice owners and managers in mind. This year’s event was focused on the growth and development of practices with fresh ideas to guide success. Our delegates learnt ways to optimise their actions and outcomes, and raise capabilities to holistically improve their practice!

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The Conference


We are always proud to bring together motivating speaker sessions that will contribute to bringing fresh ideas and guide you to success! All of our speakers are experts in their field and are excited to share their experiences and strategies with you.

Topics during our 2023 Conference included:
  • Identifying and Prioritising Key Focus Areas for Your Practice
  • Global Trends for Independent Practices
  • Economic Update for the Veterinary Industry
  • Consumer Trends in 2023
  • Interactive Workshops with Subject Experts – Think Vaccines to Insurance to Workflows
  • Enhancing Team Capabilities
  • Best Practices from our Global Colleagues
  • Maximising Productivity

Gerardo Poli

CEO, Vet Success Academy

Certified Performance Coach, Author and Podcast Co-Host

Uncovering Opportunities within Your Business to Create Profit:

Business owners often look in the wrong places when they need to drive profit. By shifting their perspective and focusing on the right areas, they can unlock untapped profit potential. In this session, explore the common errors that business owners make with business metrics and the balanced scorecard, hindering their profit growth. Gain valuable insights into the areas that are frequently overlooked and the undervaluing of teams. Discover proactive measures to avoid these pitfalls and learn how to maximize profitability by harnessing the full potential of your teams. 

Executing on Your Vision: Impactful Initiative To Act On

Every business faces the challenge of limited resources, therefore recognizing the varying importance of objectives is crucial. To avoid poor selections that will lead to limited results. We share a powerful tool to objectively sort and prioritize objectives, optimising resource investment while achieving significant outcomes.


Peter Munckton

Chief Economist
Bank of Queensland

The outlook for Australia’s economy

Join Peter Munckton, Bank of Queensland’s Chief Economist, for an interactive discussion where he will share his thoughts on the current state of the Australian and global economies, as well as their future outlook and how they are influencing the veterinary industry. In this discussion, Peter will explore the impact of various factors such as inflation, interest rate rises, supply chain challenges on both households and businesses, as well as share his predictions for the property market.


Tania Gover

Practice Development Advisor

Crampton Consulting Group

Maximizing Productivity: Unleashing Practice Efficiencies

Discover the keys to optimising your workflow and boosting productivity.  Workshop practical tools and strategies necessary to streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies.

Laine Brown Photo.jpg

Laine Brown

Marketing Professional

Vet Success Academy

The Cheapest Marketing Tool That You Already Use

Google reviews are more influential than we think.  They act as social proof, attract potential customers and help build trust in your business.  When leveraged the right way, Google reviews can help drive growth and success.

Client Experience

While attracting clients with your words is important, their actual experience holds greater significance. Your business's strategic plan must align with what you communicate and deliver. When there's a disconnect, clients and team members will sense it, impacting engagement and your ability to attract and retain talent.

Taleta Hompas.jpg

Taleta Hompas

Leadership & Strategy

Vet Success Academy

Strategic Plan Part 1: Building Your Roadmap for Success


Your strategic plan is the roadmap for your business.  Without one, teams become stagnant, fail to see opportunities and become disengaged. A well-crafted plan provides everyone with direction, creates the culture the business needs, guides decision-making, and gets everyone moving in the same direction.


Strategic Plan Part 2: Refining Your Roadmap for Success


Refinement of the strategic plan is needed to ensure that all four perspectives of the balanced scorecard are incorporated and not forgotten. Once completed the strategic objectives can be created to achieve the plan.


Shabeena Hussen

Director, People and Culture Connected Pty Ltd MAHRI

Engagement Demystified

  • What is engagement and how to foster it?

  • What are the main drivers of engagement and discovering which ones resonate with your organisation that you can implement.  


Shibly Mustapha

Business Mentor

Multi Practice Owner

Do you have the right mindset?

If you want to improve your business's performance, how you think has a massive impact on what will happen.  Your mindset around money, clients, your team, and what you think is possible determines what occurs in reality.  


Ivan Zak

CEO, Galaxy Vets

What Forward Thinkers Think ...


Trends in USA veterinary business that competes with corporates.

Michael Thunell.jpg

Michael Thunell

COO, VetFamily

Independent Practices Globally – An Update

VetFamily currently supports 6,500+ independent veterinary practices globally. During this session Michael will share insights on independent veterinary practice learnings and trends from our global colleagues. What shifts are occurring in the management of private practice and what’s working.

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